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Chronicles of a Dallas Cowboy Fan: Growing Up With America’s Team in the 1960s

February 14, 2013

So, I’m going to show my football fan roots here for just a minutes, if I may.  I grew up in a household that lived and breathed the Dallas Cowboys.  Let’s face it, as a third generation Mexican American from Texas…  You only had two allegiances in a Texan household: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys or Bud Adams and his Oilers.  My mother despised Bud Adams, and she still does to this day.  So, I was adorned in a Dallas Cowboys baby outfit when I came out of the hospital.

Now that you have my Cowboys fan credentials in order, we get to learn about a different time and era for the Cowboys.  The era that John Eisenberg grew up in, the 1960s Cowboys owned by Clint Murchison, Jr.  Which for anyone who doesn’t like the Cowboys, please keep the hate to a minimum…  This is a review of a book that traces the history of two elements: The growing pains of a NFL team that coincides with the growth of the author himself.  Let’s take a look…


Author: John Eisenberg
Publisher: Diversion Books
Publication Date: December 2012
Pages: 297 (Nook epub)

Now, for anyone who remembers the 1997 version of this book…  Don’t worry, you can actually get this one for your Nook or Kindle for quite cheap.  The hardcover book is available for this known as Cotton Bowl Days: Growing Up with Dallas and the Cowboys in the 1960’s.  Which begs the question, of course.  Why should you get this eBook at this time?

The answer is a bit simple.  The hardcover book is quite pricey.  Also, to make this worth your worth, Eisenberg did update the introduction and explained why he revisited this story.  The people are still interested, for better or worse, in the Cowboys.  John’s book will give you quite an insight into the days when Dallas was called “Next Year’s Champions.”  The derisive title given to them by many a Dallas writer would haunt them for so long.

As the Cowboys grow up, you also see Eisenberg himself grow up from a kindergarten kid who idolized the Star to a teenager who learned to “move on” from his idols.  You’ll get insights on what the growing pains did for the Cowboys.  You’ll get a bit of an insight on why some of the older players don’t exactly show up for Jerry’s parade of Cowboys legends.  As the team came from upstart to battle Lamar Hunt’s Dallas Texans to “America’s Team”, you’ll see how they developed the attitude that fans have learned to love or absolutely hate.

You’ll also see their thoughts on the Ice Bowl and the long term damage to the players of that game and to the psyche of the fans.  This book gives an insight from how the team changed over the time in the Cotton Bowl to the “tycoon” era that started in Texas Stadium.  For better or worse, we all have to grow up and eventually grow apart, as Eisenberg will tell us throughout the story.

For anyone looking for huge scandals in this book, you won’t really find them here.  What you will find is an endearing story that resonates to you 16 years after the original book was written.  If you have an eReader, no matter which one you swear fealty to, take a chance on this re-write.  It’s not just for that “football fan”, it’s for everyone who’s wanting a good coming to age story.  This one delivers.  Trust me.

Buy it now at:

Barnes and Noble: (Nook) 2.99 (Kindle) 2.99


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