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Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports. From the Guy Who’s Lived It.

June 27, 2013
Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry

So, folks.  This is what I spent weeks in anticipation for.  Something that I was going to just say.  Hey, I made it!  But little did I know this would be a heck of a journey.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Ms. Lydia Hirt of the Penguin Group for sending this book to me.  I appreciate this very much.  Because, there’s books you like, and books you fall in love with.  You’re wondering what this book is…  Well, find out after the cut.

In other words, folks.  This is a pre-release copy that I got to review.  And man, does it feel good to see this book.  In fact, I’m going to give my credentials as a fantasy sports person.  I have an authentic second place trophy from my first ever e-wrestling fantasy football tournament with my team, “The Nashville Knights.”  Yes, I am a fantasy football geek, and an e-wrestling geek.  Mull over that along with my book review in mind, here.

Being someone who’s involved on and off with fantasy sports, I pretty much am at the altar of The Talented Mr. Roto almost weekly.  As Ms. Hirt asked me if I knew who Matthew Berry was, I had to contain my inner fanboy.  And Ms. Hirt could tell I was trying to.  So, with that in mind…  The review in earnest.

Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life is a book that you go in expecting a nuts and bolts fantasy sports book, and you’ll get it, no doubt.  However, you’re going to get so much more.  You’re going to get the story of a scriptwriter who tried to make it in Hollywood for many years.  While trying to live the Hollywood dream, he tried to do what any honest Texan could do…  Make it in spite of the odds.  Much like everyone else in the world tries, Matthew alternates between his real life and fantasy life.  Along with stories of those crazy playoff antics…

You’re also going to get the stories on the brighter side of fantasy sports.  In fact, you’ll hear the story of the George Braitch Memorial League, where the pot goes to help out the daughter of Mr. Braitch, who passed away unexpectedly.  Or, the story of how a man paralyzed from the neck down managed to stay alive just to get his fantasy draft finished.  Or an entire fantasy draft held in the cancer ward for a man diagnosed with mouth cancer.  And how fantasy sports helped out a man like Matthew Berry, who hated himself at a point in his life.

Fantasy Life is filled with wacky stories, but also filled with heartwarming stories.  If you think all fantasy sports ruin lives, think about this…  It’s kept many a soldier alive, a patient fighting on, and even helped a scriptwriter love himself a bit more.  So, you’re asking…  Is this a like book or a love book.  This is the rare love book.  Because, you’ll pick on me…  I cried three times during reading the book.  Those stories you can relate to, when you feel like giving up.  Matthew was right there with you.  When you succeeded, you became overwhelmed.  As did Matthew when he became the head of the new ESPN Fantasy Department…

So, how talented is the Talented Mr. Roto at writing?  Very.  If you are a fantasy sports person, read this.  If you’re not, read this.  Even you fantasy sports wives, read this book.

This book is suggested for 27.95, but Amazon is pre-ordering this for 20.39, as of now, for a hardcover.  Well worth 21 chapters of materials, facts, time outs and stories for everyone.


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