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James R. Brown is the author of this site, but he’s not exactly your average author.  He does have an A.S. from Nashville State Technical College in Business Administration.  He also is certified in Computer Assisted Drafting.

So, what is he doing on a book site?  Simply put, he likes to read…  A lot.  Like most male readers of his generation, he started with Franklin W. Dixon’s “Hardy Boys” series.  Afterwards, he found that he started liking biographies of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.  And, even on a regular day, you may catch him with a collection of Charles M. Schultz’s beloved “Peanuts” cartoons.

James’s current interests (and the theme for this site) are all books related to sports history, biographies, and fiction.  He is also a fan of anything related to the medium of martial arts.  For example: MMA, karate, judo, jeet kune do, etc.

As far as James’s qualifications for the MMA field, he is a practicing judoka and student of jeet kune do.  He is also trained in boxing and freestyle wrestling.

If the above scared you, don’t be.  It just means you can talk MMA with him, and he’ll know what you’re talking about.  And for those who wonder about his judo credentials, his favorite throw is the tomoenage.

If this about page didn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry.  As you meet James, you’ll find not much makes sense about a man who’s a child of the American and Mexican cultures.  However, his sense of humor is infectious.  His sense of friendship is quite alarming.  And if you are a friend, he stays loyal to you (almost to a fault).

If you do meet him, it’s likely inside one of three places: McKay’s Bookstore in Nashville, Demo’s Steakhouse in Nashville, or just about anywhere that has an arcade machine…

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