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Let’s Get It On – The Making of MMA and its Ultimate Referee

So, let’s delve into an autobiography that’s almost as unbelievable as the man who wrote it.  If anyone has watched any MMA program, you know who “Big” John McCarthy is.  And if you don’t…  Where have you been?

And let’s face it when most MMA fans will tell you that MMA began with John McCarthy, they might not be far from the truth.  In fact, John is probably the one constant in MMA history that’s larger than life in a quiet way…  So let’s get to the meat of the review at hand.

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Welcome to the Sports Rack

I didn’t want to just draft out some short intro, but…  I feel I needed to.  As you should know, my name is James.  I’m probably one of the more level headed people you’re going to meet.  I was inspired a bit to work on this aspect of book reviews by my friend, Misty Rayburn, who runs The Top Shelf.

As she has not much interest in the sports or martial arts realm, I figured I’d step in here.  I’m not just going to be here, either.  You might see me guest post over at TTS from time to time.  But men and women, this will be for the sports, the fighting and the stories of the people behind both.  And also, you’ll get some fiction related to the above also.  Because sports does inspire some great tales…

So, welcome to The Sports Rack.  I don’t have a witty acronym, as people might remember TSR as that company that owned Dungeons and Dragons…  However, keep eyes here for more content over the next few days.  And as always, enjoy.

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