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The Pitcher

So, have you ever had a dream?  That’s a question that every person is asked time and time again.  Do you have a dream.  If you’re Ricky Hernandez, your dream is the same dream as everyone else.  He wants to be the American Dream.  A kid from nothing that turns into something.

“The Pitcher” is a book about dreams.  The dreams of kids.  The dreams of parents.  The dreams of immigrants.  The dreams of a man who’s lived the dream.  And it’s all brought together in the mind of William Hazelgrove.  After the cut, find out how.

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Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports. From the Guy Who’s Lived It.

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life by Matthew Berry

So, folks.  This is what I spent weeks in anticipation for.  Something that I was going to just say.  Hey, I made it!  But little did I know this would be a heck of a journey.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Ms. Lydia Hirt of the Penguin Group for sending this book to me.  I appreciate this very much.  Because, there’s books you like, and books you fall in love with.  You’re wondering what this book is…  Well, find out after the cut.

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Greetings everyone!

I would like to apologize for the delays, folks.  Work and life get in the way, but not much longer.  I’ve got loads of books I’m catching up on, and a possible surprise for everyone to read about.

So, stay tuned, of course.

ATW Crosspost: CrossRhodes

Misty Rayburn from The Top Shelf and Addicted to Wrestling has written a review of an autobiography that I did want to review.  But she saved me the work on that one.  (Insert grin here…)

So, I’m going to link everyone to…  Misty’s CrossRhodes Review.

Give her a bit of love over on her site, won’t you?

Chronicles of a Dallas Cowboy Fan: Growing Up With America’s Team in the 1960s

So, I’m going to show my football fan roots here for just a minutes, if I may.  I grew up in a household that lived and breathed the Dallas Cowboys.  Let’s face it, as a third generation Mexican American from Texas…  You only had two allegiances in a Texan household: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys or Bud Adams and his Oilers.  My mother despised Bud Adams, and she still does to this day.  So, I was adorned in a Dallas Cowboys baby outfit when I came out of the hospital.

Now that you have my Cowboys fan credentials in order, we get to learn about a different time and era for the Cowboys.  The era that John Eisenberg grew up in, the 1960s Cowboys owned by Clint Murchison, Jr.  Which for anyone who doesn’t like the Cowboys, please keep the hate to a minimum…  This is a review of a book that traces the history of two elements: The growing pains of a NFL team that coincides with the growth of the author himself.  Let’s take a look…

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Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

Alright, folks.  This is the book that I’ve been diving into for quite a while.  Have you ever been curious into what the heck goes on with ESPN from time to time?  I mean, you get a network that started in the middle of nowhere…  It becomes the Worldwide Leader in Sports.  After a while, it becomes this awesome juggernaut that is fueled by Disney.

Now, people know about the SportsCenter effect.  The Top 10.  The Bottom 10.  And those darn catchphrases.  All of the catchphrases you’ve heard such as: “En Fuego.”  “Going, going, gone…”  Certainly, ESPN has made itself known into our consciousness.  It has brought us the personalities and the leagues from all over the world.  But now, we get to see how it started…

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New Books on the Way

For those who are wondering where the heck I am, no worries.  I’m working on one huge book and several others.  Namely put, it’s a book about four letters that people constantly accuse of being frat boys…

Otherwise, got a few football profiles to read.  The big review will come as I’m almost done with the huge book.  Don’t worry, people, I’m still here.  Just needing to get this huge book finished and we’ll be back in business.

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